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A quick and easy way to control your daily calories intake

How many calories,Food Nutrition Facts Database

search through the food nutrition facts database entering the name of the name, the category or the amount of calories. For every food item, a list of food nutrients can be shown (calories, fat,protein,carb,vitamins,minerals). It is also possible to get tips about how to burn a specific food calories.

How many calories food contains

A table containing all the foods/receipt can be used to filter out the wanted item.

How many calories,Recipes Calorie Database

A Recipes Database is available to let you discover the calories intake for the most common recipes.

Ideal Weight Calculation

Estimate your Ideal Weight by using the most known formulas (BMI, Broca, ecc.)

ideal weight calculator

Calories Consumed During Exercise/Working Activities

A list of sport activities with their calorie consumption is available to check online how to burn your extra calories

Caloric Needs

Estimate your daily calorie requirements entering your age, weight, gender and level of activity.

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